Book Launch – ‘Women and Martial Art in Japan’ by Kate Sylvester

Congratulations to Kate Sylvester sensei for the launch of her new book! She has written for our magazine and her articles include ‘The History of Women’s Participation at the World Kendo Championship Part 1 & 2’ (vol. 1 & 2) and ‘The Paradox of kendo for Women – Deep Human Connection and Collective Silence’ (vol.3). She is one of a few specialised on the subject and is definitely the only one who can write the subject from her own experience as an active practitioner of kendo. We hope to have her articles back in the future volumes.

The book pre-order starts on 9th November 2022.

20% Discount code available – enter the code FLA22 at checkout

Link to the book pre-order:…/Sylvester/p/book/9781032187839

For more info see the flyer below.

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