FLKW Vol.5 Contents Update

Following the recent post in connection with French Kendo Open women’s section, we are publishing an article “The Current State and Future of Women’s Kendo in Europe as seen from France Kendo Open” in the vol.5 magazine, replacing “An Introduction to Kendogu for Women 4: Shinai” which was previously announced. 

Also due to editorial reasons, FLKW vol. 5 will launch at the end of February, with 2 weeks delay. The access to the current vol.4 will be extended until the launch of vol.5. We thank you for your understanding. Pre-sale of vol.5 will start at the end of January.

Editor’s Team

先日のフランス剣道オープン大会女子部門に関連した投稿を受け、来月発売の弊誌第5号で記事「フランス剣道オープンから見るヨーロッパにおける女子剣道の現状と行方」を、前回お知らせしておりました「女子用剣道防具入門4:竹刀 」の代わりに掲載します。



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