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Fine Ladies Kendo Worldwide magazine and website came about in 2020 in response to the growing population of ladies practising kendo worldwide; many had started to create platforms for exchanging ideas regardless of language barriers. The scope of these platforms has great potential. Yet, there seems to be a necessity for a better medium, which can formally provide information promoting kendo for women practitioners worldwide.

Three ladies, all of us kendo practitioners, got together to make this first-ever woman’s kendo magazine and website happen because we all believed it necessary. The existing media currently focuses predominantly on men’s kendo.

We strive to respond to the female kendo practitioners’ needs and provide information from the best possible sources. This magazine will help build a healthy record of lady’s kendo for its members as there has been none before and remain a trustable platform for anyone who would like to join us.




Matsuda Kazuyo

CEO / Editor

Born and educated in Japan but living in the UK since 1993 when she came to study. Kazuyo has been actively supporting women’s kendo in the UK and other European countries for several years. She has trained in kendo for over 40 years and has 7th dan Renshi. She is the club leader of Kodokan Kendo Club in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK.


CEO / 編集


Michelle Lim Sun Yuen


Born in Brunei and educated there until coming to the UK to study at the University of Edinburgh. She started Kendo at the University club and has been practicing for ten years. Currently 3rd dan in Kendo, she is a member of Taisedokai, Glasgow and a coach at the University Kendo Club.

林婵媛 (リン チャン・イエン)



Rina Alfonso Osawa

Graphic Designer

Born and educated in the Philippines, Rina lived in Japan for her undergraduate study. She has trained in Kendo for 20 years and was the first woman yudansha in the Philippines. She currently has 4th dan and is a Washinkan dojo member, Washington DC / Northern Virginia, USA.

大澤 アルフォンソ・リナ



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