La Espadachina Nakazawa Koto (1839-1927)

Transcrito por Paul Budden Hay muy poca información escrita en inglés sobre Nakazawa Koto. Pero de acuerdo con Wikipedia, y otras fuentes japonesas, ella nació en la provincia de Kōzuke (actualmente la prefectura de Gunma) en 1839. Habiendo recibido instrucción en artes marciales en su niñez, ella adquirió mucha habilidad en Kenjutsu. Su habilidad conContinue reading "La Espadachina Nakazawa Koto (1839-1927)"

Nakano Takeko – la última samurái de Aizu

Transcrito por Paul Budden Nakano Takeko (中野 竹子, abril 1847 – 16 octubre 1868  Nakano Takeko fue una guerrera del Dominio de Aizu, quien tomó parte, y falleció, durante la Guerra Boshin. Su arma de elección por la cual fue famosa fue la naginata. Ella fue la líder de un grupo espontáneo de combatientes femeninas,Continue reading "Nakano Takeko – la última samurái de Aizu"

烈女 中野竹子 会津の女侍

会津の女侍 ポール・バデン編 中野 竹子(なかの たけこ)1847年4月 – 1868年10月16日 中野竹子(なかのたけこ)は、戊辰戦争において戦い戦死した、会津の女侍である。彼女が薙刀を使ったことはよく知られている。会津戦争において、彼女は自主的に会津軍からは独立した娘子隊(じょうしたい)1を結成した。

Nakano Takeko – the last Samurai of Aizu

Transcribed by Paul Budden Nakano Takeko (中野 竹子, April 1847 – 16 October 1868)  Nakano Takeko was a female warrior of the Aizu Domain, who took part in and died during the Boshin War. Her weapon of choice for which was famous was the naginata. She was the leader of an improvised group of female combatants, which independently fought duringContinue reading "Nakano Takeko – the last Samurai of Aizu"



Japanese swordswoman Nakazawa Koto (1839-1927)

Transcribed by Paul Budden There is little written about Nakazawa Koto in English. But according to Wikipedia and other Japanese sources, she was born in Kōzuke Province (modern Gunma Prefecture) in 1839.  Having been taught martial arts in her childhood, she became very skilled in Kenjutsu. Her skill with the naginata surpassed even that of her father, Magouemon, who taught her. She also studied Hoshin-Ryu kobudo and usedContinue reading "Japanese swordswoman Nakazawa Koto (1839-1927)"



Chiba Sana: A Warrior and Healer

by Curtis Abu edited by FLKWW INTRODUCTION For the last few months, I spent a lot of time researching a female historical figure named Chiba Sana¹. Sana is renowned as skilled in bujutsu and possessed a beauty few others could rival during somewhat peaceful times in Japan. Those who train in Classical Japanese martial arts,Continue reading "Chiba Sana: A Warrior and Healer"



On the Occasion of the first issue of Women’s Kendo Magazine

女子剣道雑誌創刊に寄せて Eishin-Gijuku Kobukan (General Incorporated Association) Kancho Hiroshi Ozawa般社団法人盈進義塾興武館館長 小澤博 I would like to congratulate you all on the launch of the new women’s kendo magazine. With the world in the Coronavirus pandemic grip, I feel that times are changing, so I’m looking forward to this magazine. Looking at the world of kendo, many championships andContinue reading "On the Occasion of the first issue of Women’s Kendo Magazine"

On the Occasion of the Publication

発刊に寄せて Sumi Masatake, Kendo Hanshi 剣道範士 角 正武 I am delighted to see the launch of a new magazine aimed at women kendo enthusiasts. I am sure that many women, kendoka, have been looking forward to it for a long time. In Japan, since the establishment of the All Japan Kendo Federation in 1952, school kendo hasContinue reading "On the Occasion of the Publication"

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