Kendogu stand

剣道具スタンド £35.00 Kendo bogu stand suitable for dry storing each part separately. There is no need to assemble as the stand comes in one piece. Very handy for home use as it is compact and display kendo bogu beautifully. It is also ideal for keeping the shape of the bogu especially kote as the palmsContinue reading “Kendogu stand”

Zori (Flip-flops)

草履(雪駄) £26.00 One size L (24.5-26cm Japan / 8.5-10 USA / 7-8.5 Australia & NZ / 6-7.5 UK / 39-42 Europe, all women shoe size guide). The actual length measures 25cm, 10cm width. Originally male design but recommended for women with wider and larger feet. They come in a nice box and are individually wrappedContinue reading “Zori (Flip-flops)”

Kimono hanger

着物ハンガー £13.50 An easy to set up kimono hanger comes with a compact three tubes put together as a frame. Adjustable length to carry the entire sleeves makes sure that the kimono will have no diagonal crease when drying. Size: 46.5cm x 10cm when stored and 133cm when fully extended. Suitable for men’s and women’sContinue reading “Kimono hanger”

Design Competition – Kendogu for Women: Results

デザイン公募「女性用剣道具」 結果発表 English The Design Competition’ Kendogu for Women’, launched on 15 February this year, received four entries. First, we would like to thank all the entrants from the bottom of our hearts. The editorial team was impressed by the well-thought-out concepts and the high quality of the drawings for each entry. We also feelContinue reading “Design Competition – Kendogu for Women: Results”

Design Competition – Kendogu for Women: Entries/Members Vote

応募作品・メンバー投票 Click on each entry image and you will be able to see all of the artwork and text in both English and Japanese. Please cast your vote by clicking the ‘Go to vote’ button at the bottom of this page – you will be taken to the member’s only page to vote. One voteContinue reading “Design Competition – Kendogu for Women: Entries/Members Vote”

Entry 02 – Protection and Empowerment

English Bogu is crucial to kendo practitioners as it provides protection to the vital parts of human body. Unfortunately as a female, I realised that the traditional kendo bogu did not address the difference between a male body and a female body. Males normally tie their Tare just above their hipbones as that is theContinue reading “Entry 02 – Protection and Empowerment”

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