Design Competition – Kendogu for Women: Results

デザイン公募「女性用剣道具」 結果発表 English The Design Competition’ Kendogu for Women’, launched on 15 February this year, received four entries. First, we would like to thank all the entrants from the bottom of our hearts. The editorial team was impressed by the well-thought-out concepts and the high quality of the drawings for each entry. We also feel that the open competition was meaningful regarding the challenges of women’s kendogu, as the issues addressed by entrants from different regions, ages, and levels of kendo experience were critically similar. There were entries from a man as well as women. This not only suggests that…

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Design Competition – Kendogu for Women: Entries/Members Vote

応募作品・メンバー投票 Click on each entry image and you will be able to see all of the artwork and text in both English and Japanese. Please cast your vote by clicking the ‘Go to vote’ button at the bottom of this page – you will be taken to the member’s only page to vote. One vote per person only. You can still vote if you are one of the entrants, but you cannot vote for your own entry. You will need to register as one of the Basic (free plan), Standard (digital magazine) or Classic (printed magazine) Plan member to vote.…

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Design Competition – Kendogu for Women

デザイン公募「女性用剣道具」 Design Brief and submission Design a kendogu for women that can help women wear and train in kendo more comfortably and minimise or eliminate current issues they have with the traditional kendogu. Describe the proposed design. Describe what feature(s) have been added, modified or removed from the traditional kendogu and how to wear etc. Rules You need to submit both of the above two sections, to which you will gain points from 1 to 10 for the first section and 1 to 5 for the second section. The winner will be the one with the highest number of points…

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