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    Kazuyo Matsuda

    I have decided to start putting useful info in the forum – the first topic being IBB mengane. I had used iron men for many years in childhood, then duralumin, followed by IBB titanium men for a while then most recently that with very thick pad on top of the men for about 10 years. It’s very difficult to say which mengane I prefer, as the design and other materials and shape all contribute to the comfort and then the environment of trainings also counts. But perhaps just for the men, I liked the IBB titanium without too thick pad on top.

    Until I was asked by a beginner who is considering to purchase his first bogu set and queried about IBB men, I hadn’t known there are 5 types of IBB men today!

    This link is only in Japanese but most helpful:


    I will write more later on this topic.

    If anyone has personal preference and reasons, please write here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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