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    Kazuyo Matsuda


    Thank you to all those who have voted and shared your thoughts on our April 2021 question. The voting is now closed and here are the results. Please feel free to discuss about the April 2021 vote here.


    April Vote result chart

    Result summary:

    Yes – 63.2%

    No – 21.1%

    I don’t know – 2.6%

    Other – 13%


    Answers to ‘Other’ consist of the following:

    1. Yes and arranged according to height and/or age.
    2. No, but I do think heights should be physically matched, if there is 3 – 4 women or one man similar sized all between 1.5 to 1.7m tall.
    3. No, but everybody should be fairly evaluated for the ability itself and not in opposition to the other party (or men standards)
    4. Perhaps for lower grades, but as the grades increase, there will be fewer women to grade against. I think educating the judging panel would be a better option.
    5. Both sex and age should be considered.


    はい – 63.2%

    いいえ – 21.1%

    分かりません – 2.6%

    その他 – 13%


    1. はい、身長や年齢に応じて配置する。
    2. いいえ、でも、身長は物理的に合わせるべきだと思う。身長1.5~1.7mの同サイズの女性3~4人または男性1人であれば。
    3. いいえ、しかし、誰もが相手(または男性の基準)に対抗するのではなく、能力そのものを公平に評価されるべきだと思う。
    4. 初級のうちはそうかもしれませんが、段位が上がるにつれて、採点対象となる女性が少なくなります。審査員を教育したほうがいいと思います。
    5. 性別、年齢ともに考慮すべき。
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