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    Kazuyo Matsuda

    Thank you to all those who have voted and shared your thoughts on our June 2021 question. The voting results as follows.


    In 1968, Black Belt Magazine interviewer asked a female kendoka in the USA, “Do many women enter the martial arts as a means to meet men?”. How much do you think the question is relevant in today’s society? (The full question and the response will be in the article ‘New Dawn of Women’s Kendo’ in Vol. 2 magazine. ) – 1968年、Black Belt 誌の記者が或るアメリカ人女性剣士に「多くの女性は、男性と出会うための手段として武道を始めるのでしょうか」と質問しました。この質問は今日の社会において適切だと思いますか?(質問の全文と回答は、当マガジン第2号の記事「女性剣道の新しい暁」に掲載されます。)


    • Yes: 0%
    • No 78.9%
    • Other – There are some that do but not the majority. The number is less I believe in Kendo which is a more demanding and expensive martial art.
    • Other – it’s possible but they stop early, fortunately today most part of women start martial arts to improves themselves not to marry someone.
    • Other – I don’t understand this question. “How much?” does not entail a Yes or No answer so I’m confused here.
    • Other – Meeting people is part of sport clubs. But I don’t think that many people go to a sport club with the idea of meeting a potential partner in mind. The question is very sexist. It’s like asking a make ballerina if he started to dance to meet women. The question assumes that sport is gendered and martial arts is male and thus male dominated it dominated with a certain type of person. All of these underlying assumptions negate the diversity that happens in clubs and reduces interest in sport and clubs to a sexual search one. That point of view is outdated in my opinion.
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