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    Kazuyo Matsuda

    Thank you to all those who have voted and shared your thoughts on our September 2021 question. The voting result is as follows.

    Do you think women’s separate category in competitions is necessary?


    Yes はい 60.6%

    No いいえ 24.2%

    Other その他: 15%
    I don’t think that it is absolutely necessary.


    I think having some competitions that are mixed and some separate is best.


    I think it depends on the country/taikai. Because there are so many adult beginners in the UK, kyu grades should definitely be separated there (and I imagine this also applies to most countries outside of Japan). I’ve seen people get injured from being shoved around by big guys. However, this isn’t really an issue with dan grades as they have the skills to counter that effectively. For dan grades, the UK has a relatively shallow field of competitors and the level of fitness is lower (especially women) so I think it would be beneficial not to separate them. I also really like the Thistle Cup (Scotland) which has an open category and a women’s category. Whereas in Japan (and probably Korea etc) you don’t have the issue of dangerous adult beginners and the level of fitness and physicality is so much higher that it’s very difficult for women to compete. In those cases I think it’s still useful as an option.

    それは国や大会によると思います。イギリスでは大人の初心者が多いので、級の部門は分けるべきだと思います(これは日本以外のほとんどの国にも当てはまると思います)。大柄な男性に押し倒されて怪我をした人を見たことがあります。しかし、段者の場合は、そのような場合に効果的に対抗できる技術を持っているので、あまり問題になりません。段者の場合、イギリスは競技人口が比較的少なく、体力のレベルも低いので(特に女性)、分けない方が得策だと思います。また、オープン部門と女子部門があるThistle Cup(スコットランド)がとても気に入っています。一方、日本(おそらく韓国など)では、危険な大人の初心者という問題はなく、体力や身体能力のレベルが非常に高いので、女性が出場するのは非常に難しいです。そういった場合には、選択肢のひとつとして有効だと思います。

    Above certain level or under certain age, I think is not necessary.


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