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    Kazuyo Matsuda

    Thank you to all those who have voted and shared your thoughts on our September 2021 question. The voting result is as follows.

    Which part of your Bogu do you wish an improvement, or you are not happy with?

    Men 面 15.2%

    Kote 小手 15.2%

    Do 胴 51.5%

    Tare 垂 6%

    Other その他:
    Do to accommodate the boobs. And if it counts, hakama. The pleats do not hang right due to curvey bits.


    I find Do does not cover big boobs properly, and I find hakama does not fit very well in curvy hips.


    My bogu is custom made so very comfortable.


    Do and Hakama to fit the curvy bits.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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