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    Hi there!

    I’ve been doing kendo now for almost a year and am really enjoying it.

    Yesterday I had my first practice with my new bogu! I noticed some problems and was hoping somebody could give me advice.

    It seems that while moving, my tare moves up from my hips (where I originally bind it) to my waist as it is smaller. I noticed the same for my hakama actually which then means I’m exposing my ankles and it doesn’t look good. The hakama I used so far was longer in general so I would bind it around my waist and didn’t encounter this problem.

    Another thing I was wondering is how you deal with long hair. I managed to entangle my hair and the men himo – very embarrassing…

    I would love to hear some advice or tips from more experienced kendoka!





    Kazuyo Matsuda

    Zerene hi,

    Very common problem on tare. Yes, I think you found a good solution to wear it at the right place to start with, which is to wear at the waist. I do the same as this is where it ends up with. I discussed about this issue in depth with Imai sensei on the magazine vol.1.

    As for the hair, I recommend long hair is put in a bun (at ideally low position so it doesn’t stick out of men or loose fit in it) so it will not get tangled up with men-himo or the red/white ribbons.

    Hope it’s of some help.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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