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    Michelle Lim

    I’ll start! I’m from Brunei and now live in Glasgow, Scotland, UK!

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    Sonia Adel

    Hello everyone!

    I am Sonia, from France, living currently in the south region called Occitanie…and I did live for some years in Scotland not far from Glasgow!@Michelle Lim 😉

    Michelle Lim

    Ah, what a coincidence! Welcome to the forum Sonia 😊

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    Hi all! I’m from the Philippines but now living in Washington DC, USA! 🙂

    Maya Tsironi

    Hi all,

    I am from Athens, Greece, now living in Edinburgh, Scotland.  🙂

    Maria Scholz

    Hello all, I´m Maria from Bavaria, Germany! : )


    Hi! I am Argentinian and live in the City of Buenos Aires.


    Hello all, I’m Paula from Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina! Nice to meet you 🙂



    Hi from me too! I’m from Germany and live in the west in a city called Dusseldorf.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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