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Printed Magazine – Vol. 1 Spring Issue 2021

You will receive printed magazine Vol. 1 with access to videos that came with Vol.1. 



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On the Occasion of Publication by Sumi Masatake 

On the Occasion of the First Issue of Women’s Kendo Magazine by Ozawa Hiroshi

Pioneers of Women’s Kendo Interviews

Kobayashi Setsuko (Japan)
Kishikawa Michiko (Brazil)
Christiane David (France)

A Brave New World – The Dawn of Women’s Kendo by Paul Budden
The History of Women’s Participation at the World Kendo Championships (Part 1) by Kate Sylvester
An Introduction to Kendogu for women ① –Is there such a thing? by Imai Michie
Thinking Outside of the Box by Jean Kodama


発刊に寄せて 角正武

女子剣道雑誌創刊に寄せて 小澤博

小林節子 (日本)
岸川道子 (ブラジル)




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3 reviews for Back Number Vol. 1 (Printed)

  1. Kate Sylvester

    I felt that Kobayashi Setsuko sensei’s interview was moving and insightful. It is amazing to have these interviews translated with English subtitles. Kobayashi sensei shares parts of her incredible life story as well as some excellent fundamental kendo tips and her impressions on kendo today and issues surrounding the 8th dan exam process. What I found particularly inspiring is that female and male kenshi train with her in preparation for their 8th dan exam. Kobayashi sensei’s understanding of kendo is very deep yet, fundamentally practical.

    I learnt many things from watching this interview. Thank you!

  2. Deborah Pallari (verified owner)

    What an excellent magazine. Very interesting articles that not only women can learn from. The dual language is very inclusive also. Looking forward to the next issue.

  3. Luis Trabuco (verified owner)

    In my opinion, this magazine is not only important for women, but also for men who wish to understand kendo practiced by females. Their difficulties, their success and their contribution to kendo is what we should know and learn from.

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